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Q: Billmatching: If I chose to use the 2nd year of bill data as my baseline, must I delete the first year\'s information from the modification register? (Thus the first month on my register would be the first month in my baseline.)


Say you have a 2 year baseline, how would you would add a modification (that you want to recur into the current period) onto the meter?

It does matter what period you selected in your tuning view when setting up modifications. However, probably not as you would expect. Modifications can only replicate (carry forward) 365 days worth of bills. The last bill you select for your tuning period in the tuning view will automatically become the last bill selected by Metrix in the factor history form. From that bill date, Metrix will select 365 days prior to that bill date. Data for those 365 days will be replicated.

If you selected to tune 24 bills, then the modifications would replicate the last 365 days of the tuning period you selected in the tuning form—which would probably the last 12 or 13 bills of the 24 bill tuning period.

What you need to do is figure out what is the last bill date of your tuning period and which bill it is on your register(is it the 23rd bill or the 24th bill). Then you need to go into the modifications view, open up your modification form, and go to the factor history subform and on the bottom left side of the form, enter the number of the last bill of your baseline. If you are right, the date that appears to the right of that will be that last bill date of your baseline.

For example: if you have 24 bills in your tuning period, and you want to billmatch or create recurring modifications for bills 13-24, and the 24th bill date is March 30, 1997. You would enter in the factor history form, 24, and hopefully the date to the right of that would be 3/30/97. If it is not, then enter 23 or 25 and you should get the right date there.

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