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MarketManager » Modeling HVAC Systems
Q: Can you model a system in MarketManager that preheats O/air, cools it back down and then reheats it?


With MarketManager you can model these unusual situations. You should chose a terminal reheat system, and change any defaults as needed. The TRH system will model both the "induction units" reheating the cool supply and the actual terminal reheat system together.

  1. Select TRH
  2. Go to outside air, and remove economizer
  3. Set outside air % to 100
  4. Add preheat coil, set switchover at about 120F (means always preheat), set PHT to 114F.
  5. Give it PH Coil enough capacity
  6. Make sure boiler will supply PH Coil, RH Coil
  7. Make sure that HW is not reset, as low HW temps will reduce PHTs.
  8. Also check HDT, CDT resets, I don't think you want any.
  9. Check supply air temps in system (HTG SAT is the max SAT coming off the reheats, CLG SAT is the clg coil leaving temp)
  10. Add zone temp setpoints.

Now check diagnostics and see the air temperatures after the preheat coil, cooling coil and reheat coil.

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