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Q: How to model a zone with AHUs and perimeter radiant heating?


To model a zone with both air handlers and perimeter radiant heating, just use 1 system, which is for the air handler. Then attach a radiant Heating item directly to the zone. So your Heating and Cooling view will look something like the following:

       System1 dual duct / multi-zone
               Heating1: Boiler
               Heating2: Boiler


The zonal heating item will get first priority, i.e. anytime the zone needs heat, the radiant system will first try to meet the full zone load. If it cannot (and usually it cannot, because it is sized small), then the zone will look to the AHU (and the boiler).

If the same boiler serves both the radiators and the AHU hot water coils, there is really no reason to model the radiators at all. Just ignore them. In MarketManager, a BTU is a BTU, whether it is delivered by radiant heating or through an AHU. MarketManager does not consider human comfort, but whether the zone temperature setpont has been satisfied. MarketManager will apply heating energy to the zone until either the load is met, or the heating equipment has reached maximum capacity, making no distinction as to how the energy is applied to the space.

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