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Q: Can you model a makeup air fan w/o a supply fan? And what exactly is a makeup fan?


Unfortunately engineers from different regions call the same things different names, and to make matters worse, may use the same name for different things. To MarketManager:

  • a supply fan is the primary mover of conditioned air into the space,
  • while a makeup air fan is an additional fan which adds additional outdoor air to a ventilation deficient space.

In general, in MarketManager terminology, makeup fans are placed in addition to, not instead of supply air fans. Modeling as a "makeup fan" what really is a supply fan would lead to erroneous results (except for hydronic systems).

The only instances when I could see it making sense to have makeup air w/o supply fan are hydronic (heating-only) system, where you need additional O/A for ventilation and need to condition same.

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