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Q: I am modeling a dual duct system. How come cooling coil CFM in diagnostics is constant, while the heating coil CFM varies?


For constant volume dual duct systems, the hot deck and cold deck CFMs should each vary in response to building load, while the total CFM should be constant.

For dual duct/multizone systems only, the CFM across the cooling coil in the diagnostics form is mislabeled. This mislabeling is due to programming limitations at the time the diagnostics feature was created. (Remember, MarketManager has been around a long time.)

For dual duct systems only, "cooling coil CFM" in diagnostics is actually the sum of the CFM past the heating and cooling coils combined. The CFM across the heating coil in diagnostics is what it says it is, the CFM across the heating coil. To get CFM across the cooling coil, you need to subtract the heating coil CFM from what diagnostics reports as CFM across the cooling coil.

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