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MarketManager » Modeling HVAC Systems
Q: How can you schedule a supply fan for 24hrs, when the zone is cooling only. Right now MarketManager is running the supply fan only when the zone requires cooling?


Even though you have scheduled your supply fan on 24 hrs, if the system supplies cooling only zones (or heating only zones), then the supply fan will only operate in MarketManager when there is a cooling (or heating load).

Unlike other fans (e.g. exhaust) a supply fan does a lot more than just consume electricity, as far as MarketManager is concerned. If we force it to stay "on" then MarketManager thinks it is time to heat and/or cool.

An easier workaround would be to model the system as you do now but zero out the kW in the supply fan (set the pressure to 0). Then, create another fan, e.g. exhaust fan (or simply a motor) with very small cfm (say, 1 cfm)and a huge pressure difference to get you to the desired kW. Attach to it whatever schedule(s) you want and you'll accomplish what you intended.

We expect to come up with a better long-term situation, but this workaround should work fine for now.

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