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Q: Why is the evaporative cooler not meeting loads?


The evap cooler in MarketManager is "in line" with the SYSTEM outside air intake. Basically, the effect of a *direct* evap cooler is to reduce mixed air DB and *increase* mixed air Humidity Ratio. If it is effective enought to lower the mixed DB below what MarketManager wants (based on zone loads), then *sensible* cooling coil load will be 0. Unfortunately, the latent cooling coil load will be considerably greater than the situation without evap cooler. So MarketManager complains about unmet cooling hours and diagnostics shows unmet cooling loadshapes. The latter are likely mostly latent, though can be sensible as well.

To do without mech cooling at all, you have to mix evap cooling that doesn't introduce so much latent loads with relaxed room air constraints (higher setpoint and higher maximum summer relative humidity).

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