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Q: Why do MarketManager results show heating only for the month that there should be cooling (VTCV System)?


The following is copied from the help screen:

Variable Temperature/Constant Volume (VTCV): The two systems using this type of control, VTCV and Roof Top Unit, both heat or cool (never at the same time) a constant volume of supply air. Whether to heat or to cool is determined by adding cooling loads and subtracting heating loads from all zones served by the system. The system cools if the result is positive, and heats otherwise.

A VTCV can heat for some hours in a month and cool for other, just not simultaneously.

One reason you may not be seeing simultaneous heating and cooling in the same months may have something to do with (a) lower heating than cooling setpoints and (b) non-zero thermostat deadbands. Both are set in ZONE, and thermostat schedules are where they usually are. If, just for kicks, you set them all the same, and the thermostat deadbands to zero, you'll get plenty of simultaneous heating and cooling in almost all months.

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