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Q: What should I do about new construction or renovations during the performance period?


The easiest way to deal with the new buildings and the wing is to have them either add new meters or submeters. If they add new meters, then you are unaffected. If they add submeters, then you can take the submeter readings and have them subtracted from the meter reads in Metrix (by adding a submeter item). You might also be able to have them install a point on the EMS system that tracks total kWh for the new wings, etc, and you could use this in Metrix as a submeter.

If you are not allowed a submeter or meter, then the next step is to create a model of the new wing and the new buildings using MarketManager or TRACE600 or DOE2. Then you can have reasonable predictions of added energy usage.

If you don't want to make a model, then you need to make an estimate of new energy usage. Some look to the designers of the wing/bldgs to come up with the number, as they probably have. Or you can figure it out in some simple form. "Let's see, $4/sq-ft" * 100,000 sqft extra = ..."

These estimates (the model, or the crude estimates) would go into Metrix as a modification.

The renovation is different. The best way to do this (I think) is to create a building model of the existing building (hopefully it is the only building on the meter). Then match the model to actual pre-renovation utility bills, and then in a new scenario of the model, make the expected or witnessed changes to the building. The model should give you good predictions of changes in energy usage and demand.

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