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Q: Two of us work in Metrix 3 and it may not always be clear who was in last. If one of us opens Metrix and it states that it has found a rescue copy of a particular project--under what circumstances is it safe not to accept the rescue copy? Is the rescue copy, if found, always the most current version of the project?


The rescue copy is intended to be a safety net in case of a computer crash. It is recreated every 5 minutes and is saved in the Metrix Scratch directory, with the name of your project file, but with the extension ".~jy" (e.g. "myproj.~jy". When you save the project, or exit Metrix, the rescue file is deleted.

When you start Metrix, the first thing it does is check the Scratch directory for any files with the "~jy" extension. If one is found, the user is asked if they wish to salvage it. So theoretically, you should only be asked this if you had a crash in Metrix during the last use.

It may be that periodically you get this message even though you did not experience a crash in Metrix during the preceding use. What may be happening is the following -- let's say your co-worker opens your project file in Metrix. After 5 minutes, a rescue file is created in the Scratch directory. Then you open Metrix. Metrix finds the rescue file, and asks you if you wish to salvage it.

If you are positive that neither you nor your co-worker had a crash when you last used Metrix, then you may ignore the message, and not salvage the rescue file. As a general rule, we recommend that if you do ever have a crash in Metrix, you immediately restart the program, salvage the rescue file, and save it right away. Then the rescue file will be deleted.

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