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Q: How does Metrix replicate data in the Factor History Form (Bill Matching)?


This is how it works:

Suppose during the base year the bills were:

1/31/91 3100 kWh or 100 kWh/day
2/28/91 2800 kWh or 100 kWh/day
3/31/91 310 kWh or 10 kWh/day
4/30/91 300 kWh or 10 kWh/day

and then during the current year, the bill dates fell on the following days:


Let's see how Metrix would calculate usage for 3/15/99:

  1. First, the bill can be split up into two periods:

    • the days that fall in the 2/28/91 billing period (13 days)
    • and the days that fall in the 3/31/91 billing period (15 days)

  2. So, Metrix calculates the usage for 3/15/99 as:

    kWh for 3/15/99 bill  portion that lies in 1st bill + portion that lies in 2nd bill
    portion that falls in the 2/28/91 bill + portion that falls in the 3/31/91 bill
    13 days * 100 kWh/day + 15 days * 10 kWh/day
    1300 kWh + 150 kWh
    1450 kWh

By the way, making a spreadsheet to emulate what Metrix is doing isn't that easy, but can be, and has been, done. The reason the spreadsheet can be hard is, what happens when if, in this hypothetical example, if you get a bill period that covers 1/28/99 to 3/3/99. This one would cover three billing periods: 3 days from the January period, 28 from the February, and 3 from the March. This isn't hard, it can be done, but you will have lots of "if" statements in your formulas, and it can get confusing.

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