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Q: The weather data for my location no longer exists. What should I do?

A:  If this occurs, email the help desk and write an email describing the location and month where the data is no longer found. If for whatever reason the weather data for your location no longer exists you can use weather data from a nearby location while keeping the data from the previous months. In order to do this, expand the area in question inside of the project tree, and then click on the corresponding weather entry.

Select the appropriate weather entry.

In this example I have imported October and November of 2006 with SFO (San Francisco, CA) as the location ID. We are then going to import the month of December with OAK (Oakland, CA) as the location ID.

SFO Data for Month of Oct and Nov 2006

Change the Source location ID to the new location and then import the next months weather data.

Location ID Changed to New Location
NOTE: the name and description is that of the original location while the location ID is that of the new location.

This will import the data from the new location and keep the data from the previous months for original location. You will notice that after the import the name and description of the weather was changed to that of the new location. You can change these values back to the name of the old location if desired.

SFO data for Oct and Nov, OAK Data for Dec
You will notice that the new month data is from OAK, while the other two months remain unchanged.

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