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Q: How do I input a rate in which the demand charge is prorated by number of billing days?


First of all, Metrix does not prorate demand by number of billing days. Fortunately, most utilities do not either. Metrix calculates demand dollars using:

kW $ = kW X $/kW

whereas a prorated demand charge is calculated using:

kW $ = kW X $/kW X billing days / 30

where the billing days / 30 is the prorating factor that is used.

You can trick Metrix into calculating the prorated demand charge. To do so, first enter the demand charge as you would normally. Then you will have to add a fuel adjustment to account for the billing days/30 factor. (The fuel adjustment is a convenient means to trick Metrix into modeling all sorts of unusual rates.) In the fuel adjustment screen, you will want the fuel adjustments to be for demand. You will want the data interval to be in billing periods. Now for each billing period you will have to calculate the equation:

where $/kW represents the demand charge per kW from the rate tariff sheet.

The easiest way to do this is to make an Excel worksheet for which you would have to enter only the bill date (or number of billing days), and have Excel calculate the Fuel Adjustment amount. Then you will have to enter the Fuel Adjustment amount into the bill register.

If you have two different demand periods with this prorated demand, then enter two fuel adjustments.

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