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Q: I get \"Invalid Build\" when I try to import my license, why?

A:  Typically this error results when the information in your license doesn\'t match your computer information. A license is created to match two things: your computer ID and max release date.

Computer ID is like a fingerprint for your computer: no two are alike. The license sent to you will only work on the machine it is generated for. Mismatches in computer ID often occur when a user transfers a license from one PC to another. Make sure you have submitted a license request from your new computer, to ensure that the license generated matches the PC it\'s intended for.

Max release date determines what version of Metrix you are eligible for. Free upgrades are included for one year from the initial license purchase. While your license will never expire, you will not be eligible for any new versions released after your max release date. Accidentally installing an ineligible Metrix version is the other most common licensing error.

Don\'t worry if you encounter this error. Both of these issues are easily identified and corrected; just contact our HelpDesk for assistance.

If your max release date has passed, and you wish to upgrade to a new version of Metrix, tech support / update packages are available for purchase. Contact our HelpDesk to inquire.

For information on requesting and importing a license, view this FAQ.

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