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Metrix » Bill Matching
Q: I intend to bill match a meter, do I also have to click \"set fit to 0\"? What happens otherwise?

A:  The short answer to this question is that if you billmatch, you should press the Set Fit to Zero and Bill Match buttons for both Consumption and Demand. (Don't forget Demand for Electric meters.)

The Long Answer: If you do not press Set Fit to Zero, the meter will keep whatever tuning it had previously. If none of the variable boxes were checked (ie. the meter had no tuning) the meter will average all the readings in the baseline and use that average for every month's baseline.

If you press Bill Match, but not Set Fit to Zero, a billmatching modification will be added, but the tuning will not be cleared. In this case, things get confusing. The billmatching modification will take each baseline bill and set the baseline for future months as described above. Then the tuning will come along and make a weather adjustment on top of the modification. Some performance contractors actually do this, but it isn't common.

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