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Q: Why do I have zeros in my reports for baseline demand?


Chances are that either you forgot to tune demand , or you decided that you wanted to use the average kW reading as your baseline.

Metrix's default tuning is to use the average kW reading as the baseline. If you don't make any changes to the kW tuning screen, (either because you forgot to tune kW, or because you wanted to use the average kW value as your baseline), the tuning screen will show the default average kW tuning mentioned above. Furthermore, Metrix assumes that you didn't even bother to tune kW, and shows in reports a baseline of 0.

So, the solution is, either:

  1. tune for demand, or

  2. if you wanted to use the average demand as the baseline, then toggle on and off the "man" button or the "HDD" button once or twice. Then Metrix will assume you have tuned, and want to use average demand.

Then you should get non-zero numbers in your reports for baseline demand.

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