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Q: Can I make global changes to fuel adjustments?


Actually there is an easy way to make fuel adjustment changes globally.

Assume you have 10 meters with the same fuel adjustment. Then you want to make sure that they have the same item number, i.e. the 1 in FUEL ADJUSTMENT1 is the item number.

If they have the same item number, then they share the same internal database location. When you change one of them, Metrix gives you the opportunity of changing all of them (and keeping the same item number for the fuel adjustment) or changing just the one fuel adjustment (and changing the item number for that fuel adjustment--which makes it a totally different record).

So, what you should do for all fuel adjustments that are the same, but have different item numbers:

  1. delete all but one of them

  2. drag a copy of the remaining fuel adjustment to all the meters that just had theirs deleted.

  3. now all same fuel adjustments have the same item number.

  4. now when you make changes to one of them, Metrix will ask:

  5. choose "spread to all other parent meters (No)", and Metrix will make the global change for you.

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