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Q: Why are my dates cut off in my reports and/or forms?


Most people in the United States have their dates set to the M/d/yy setting in Windows. If you have your date setting to M/d/yyyy or some other longer setting, then Metrix will cut off your dates in some of the data forms (like the bill register) and reports.

If you want to change your date settings, so that Metrix will no longer cut them off, then you need to go into Regional Settings, and change your date format.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with Regional Settings, follow the directions below:

1. Click on the Windows Start button

2. Select Settings

3. Select Control Panel

4. Double-click on the Regional Settings icon (it's the globe)

5. Select the Date tab

6. Change the short date style to M/d/yy

7. Click apply.

Then your dates will show up as intended in Metrix.

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