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Q: One of my Utility Rates used: Effective Date = 1/1/1900, Effective Thru = 12/26/1997. The Rates report listed \"Rate applies from Jan 1. 2000 to Dec 26. 1997\". Same problem for an Effecitve Date of 1/1/1921. If the Effective Date is set to 1951, then the Rates report correctly lists it as 1951 instead of 2051. Is this a Y2K problem?


No. When you enter a 2-digit year, the program must decide what you mean. It stores 4 digit years internally.) We arbitrarily decided that any 2-digit year after "50" would signify years in the 20th century and any 2-digit year of 50 or less would signify years in the 21st century. In an upcoming version we will show all 4 digits on screen to avoid any confusion. We chose 1951 as our "pivot year", so you should set your starting years in the rates form to "51" or later.

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