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Q: What does it mean to prorate?


Prorating is a matter of style. Customers sometimes don't understand it, and don't want to, and as a result are suspicious of prorating. I personally like it, as then you can point to a month, and say this month's usage has gone up or down, and actually mean it, (whereas when you don't prorate, and you refer to a month's usage, you are really talking about part of the month, and part of the prior month). I like to be clear.

However, most Metrix users are not prorating.

Prorating is most useful when you have bills that occur in odd intervals (like one in January, two in March, one in April, one in June). In some cases if you don't prorate, you will end up with no bills in the reports for some months (in this case February), and two bills in the report for some months (in this case March). It doesn't look good. Prorating would smooth this out, and there would always be usage in each month's column.

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