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Q: How do I request and import a license?

A:  To request and import a license, refer to the metrix installation manual. To summarize the installation manual:

1) Once the software is installed:
Windows XP, 7, Vista, 8:
       go to Start > Programs > Metrix 4 > Import License.
Windows 10:
       Go to Start button > All Apps > Metrix 4 > Import License.
       or go to Start button and write "import License"

2) Select "Request License" and fill out the information.
      - Clicking "Ok" will create an email through your outlook, hit "Send"
      - Clicking "Copy to Clipboard" will copy the information we need to create a unique license. Paste into an email and
        send it to helpdesk@abraxasenergy.com

Once we receive the license request, we will promptly send you a license.

There is also a brief video tutorial below.

Video Help

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