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Q: How do I install and license Metrix?

A:  Here are the instructions to install Metrix, request a license, and import that license:

System Requirements
Metrix/Report Maker will run on any Windows OS, and any 32-bit version of Microsoft Excel.
Metrix is not supported on Mac OS or 64-bit Office Applications.1

1) Click this link to download the latest version of Metrix you are eligible for (contact our HelpDesk if you are unsure of this).
2) Save the file to your desktop.
3) Once downloaded, make sure there are no other programs open, then double click the .exe file to begin installation.
4) Once installed, go to Start > Programs > Metrix 4 > Import License.2
5) Select \"Request License\", fill out the information, and click OK. Once we receive the license request, we will promptly send you a license.3

1) You will receive your license file as an email attachment, in response to your license request. Once you have received this email response, download the license file. Make sure the file retains the \".lic\" ending.
2) Go to Start > Programs > Metrix 4 > Import License.2
3) Select \"Import License\", and find the license file you downloaded in Step 1.
4) You are now licensed, and ready to use the software.4

1To check whether you have 32 or 64-bit Office, see this guide.
2For earlier versions of Metrix, the \'Import License\' option may appear as \'Metrix 4 Licensing\' instead.
3If your email client does not launch after this step, use the \'Copy to Clipboard\' button and paste the information into an email to helpdesk@abraxasenergy.com.
4If your license import fails at this point, please see our FAQ for common licensing errors.

Once your Metrix is ready to go, be sure to visit our Metrix Tutorials online. Users have found them to be very helpful.

If you have any questions at all, feel free to contact us at 805-329-6565, or at helpdesk@abraxasenergy.com.

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