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Metrix » Troubleshooting Your Project

A:  This is the 1st step to troubleshooting ANY project. To run Quality Control, open your project, then go to performance, quality control is there. OR you can click on the icon with the check mark over the letters "QC".

Errors show up with a red exclamation mark and are critical/urgent. The project cannot be functional with errors. Some of the most common errors that we see in tech support are: gaps in weather and no "0" place holders for gaps in bill data. Either will kill a project dead! So don't even think about it!

Warnings (not to be confused with errors) are things that are abnormal or may need attention. Items such as an un-tuned meter or atypical bill duration will not clear QC. Some warnings that do cause serious problems include: items not attached to the project, orphan items, meters with the same name. Often these go undetected in Metrix because they don't cause a problem until it is time to do reporting.

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