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Metrix » QC Errors/Warnings
Q: ERROR: \"Weather has data gaps\"

A:  There are 2 possibilities that can happen in Metrix when get you find the missing weather data QC

1) Missing individual days of data
2) Missing a full month of data

To make a proper diagnosis, I copy the data into excel. You can ctrl + F (find) the data and look for \"-99\"... if you find a \"-99\", it\'s an error with the source data and the individual day needs to be updated.rnrnIf you don\'t find a \"-99\", it means it\'s an error with a full month missing. To figure out the missing month, I add a 1-12 and copy it down for all the years of data. Then I look for the first December that doesn\'t have a \'12\' next to it. I know it\'s in that year, then I look for the month(s) that are missing. To fix the error, the month needs to be imported.

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