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Q: How can I make baseline = actual performance period bill?


Once a user asked how to set the actual performance period bill equal to the baseline bill. He wanted to do this, so that he would not show savings for summer gas in a school. Here's how it is done:

  1. For the given meter, make a new modification.
  2. Choose option 2 "Directly enter the factor history."
  3. In the bottom left hand corner for the number of rows in the factor history subform, put in 254 (max number allowed). This tells Metrix not to spread the modification down at all.
  4. Then for each summer billing period, in the modification form, put a -100% in the "on-peak+%" column, and the actual bill energy unit amount in the "on-peak+Q" column.

You will have to remember to do this each summer, and if by chance someone else takes over your M&V duties (due to promotion or lottery winnings of course), they will have to be alerted that they need to continue this each year for the summer months.

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