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Q: MT1 Formating Checklist

A:  Here is a checklist:
1. No commas should be in any field.
2. No dollar signs.
3. No excessive decimal places in columns for dollar amounts; select those columns, right click, change the cell format to number, set the decimal places to 2.
4. No gaps in bill data; must have 0.0 as a place holder. Do not leave gaps.
5. No numbers entered as text; right click the cell in Excel, select format, set to number.
6. First 10 columns must have data.
7. The name and account fields must be less than 22 characters.
8. Save your file name with quotations and the .MT1 file extention (sample: "my_first_import_file.mt1") AND in the drop down menu below the file name field, save as a .csv, NOT a .xls

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