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Q: \"Could Not Load Some Objects because They Are Not Available on This Machine\"

A:  FOR USERS with Metrix 4.4.2 and newer:

The issue can be resolved through a re-installation of the software. You can down load install files here:


FOR USERS with Metrix 4.4.1 and older:

Microsoft flipped some \"switches\" with one of their service packs that we need to flip back.

Here is the correct link to download it:

You will immediately be prompted to save or open, you want to save it to the desktop.

Save and close any open instances of Metrix and Excel.

Run it once with the \"remove .exd files\" box checked ONLY. Then try to open Report Maker. If it still doesn\'t work, then run it again with both boxes checked for the .exd files and update controls.

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