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Q: How can I change to a different energy unit?

A:  For an energy meter, Metrix only uses type of energy unit: Btu.

That is OK, physics permits it; energy is energy no matter how people name or measure it in different places around the world. This is where conversion factors come in.

If your project needs to be done in another unit of energy, (for example: MWh, which is 1000 kWh) then take these steps to get there:

Step 1, create a meter, go to the meter setup tab and select the type of energy meter that most closely models this. (for this example, electricity). There will already be a conversion factor associated with this type of meter. So, if you start entering your data at this point Metrix will be converting it to Btu's with that conversion factor. Wait until step 4 or your #'s will change on you!

Step 2, add a rate to that meter. On the rate setup tab we will have to change the conversion factor to what we calculate in step 3. You also need to change the name of your units accordingly in the next data field.

Step 3, calculate your new, non-standard conversion factor. Honestly, its better to google it 🙂 Try onlineconversion.com. Find how many Btu's are in 1 MWh. Tip: with quantity = 1, convert from MWh to Btu. For this example, there are 3,412,141.4799 Btu's per 1 MWh. Personally, I would go with 3,413,000 so that any other Metrix users who I compare notes with, would be able to follow more easily. Be sure that your conversion factor is Btu's per 1 unit of ____. If you have a super tiny decimal with a negative exponent, that's backwards, flip it around.

Step 4, now you can add your data in the units you prefer to work in AND Metrix will know what you are talking about this time.

IMPORTANT: if you export the data, you will see your new carefully created conversion factor. Make sure this does not get changed later before re-importing.

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