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Metrix » QC Errors/Warnings
Q: WARNING: \"Meter inadequately tuned (R2 < 0.75)\"

A:  ASHRAE Guideline 14 says that the R2 should be < 0.75 for energy, and < 0.65 for demand.

The coefficient of determination, R2, is the proportion of variability in a given set of data that can be explained by the regression line produced in Metrix.

Essentially what this number means is how good the regression line produced in Metrix fits the data from that was entered into the register. Generally, it is best to have an R2 > 0.75, just as a basic rule of thumb. Once the R2 falls below 0.75, then the data can\'t be described accurately by the regression equation obtained in Metrix.

There is no way to get rid of this error if the meter can\'t be tuned above 0.75. This warning occurs so the user may acknowledge that the meter is not tuned to the standards of the industry.

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