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Q: Is ReportMaker compatible with 64 bit versions of Office?

A:  Short answer, no.

Microsoft does not currently recommend that people install 64-bit Office. By default, even on 64-bit machines, Microsoft office will be installed as a 32-bit computer. The full article is available here:


To check if you are on a 64 bit version of Office, follow these steps:

For Excel 2013:

1) Go to File > Account > About Excel
2) On the new "About Microsoft Excel" window that pops up, at the end of the first line, it should say "32 - bit" or "64 - bit"

For Excel 2010:

1) Go to File > Help
2) On the new help window that pops up, under "About Microsoft Word/Excel", it should say Version: ###### (32 - bit or 64 - bit)

For Excel 2007:
All version of Excel 2007 are 32 bit

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