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Metrix » QC Errors/Warnings
Q: ERROR: Meter first bill has negative duration

A:  This specific error is related to the \"1st Day of First Bill\" (shown in the picture below). The \"1st day of First Bill\" is meant to be the day the first bill starts. The QC error is indicating that the first day of first bill is after the end of the first bill.

Note: to edit the \"1st Day of First Bill\", you will have to scroll to the top of the bill register.

The reason the 1st day of First Bill is important is because it is how Metrix calculates the baseline. For all bills but the first bill, the end date of the previous bill is assumed to be the start date of the next bill. Metrix needs the 1st Day of First Bill to determine the start date of the first bill. Metrix uses these start/end dates to calculate both # of days, and heating / cooling degree days for each billing period.

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