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ReportMaker » Baseline Breakdown Report
Q: (Video 1 of 4) What\'s all the fuss about this new Baseline Breakdown report in Metrix 4.5.4?

A:  Well... it\'s a long overdue report that finally gives an explanation of how to explain to a customer how we get from a month in the base year to a month in the reporting year. Because our praise just doesn\'t do this video justice, here\'s 4 videos to show it off and explain different meters.
Here\'s three more videos that run a few different ways:

Video 2: https://www.abraxasenergy.com/customer/faq/?questionid=334
Video 3: https://www.abraxasenergy.com/customer/faq/?questionid=336
Video 4: https://www.abraxasenergy.com/customer/faq/?questionid=337

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