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Q: Is Metrix capable of tuning daily data?

A:  Metrix is currently unable to tune daily data, as it is limited to 240 entries.

As for normalizing daily data, you will see more fluctuation from day to day, so I will caution you on some of the extra considerations. We recommend normalizing to weekly data, as you can still usually get away with one regression equation. Weekly data tends to be more consistent than daily data and 52 weeks per year wouldn't exceed the daily data capacity.

If you choose to normalize to daily data, the biggest hurdle is you would need to have a normalization for unoccuppied days (i.e. weekends and holidays) and occupied days. If there is already an unoccupied period on weekends, Monday's will have more run hours to bring the building up (or down) to adequate temperature, meaning they should be normalized separately. It's just more pieces to add to the puzzle. With the 240 row limit, you would probably need to use multiple meters in Metrix as well with placeholders.

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