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Q: How can I add a meter for a utility that is not listed in Metrix?

A:  When setting up a meter, Metrix provides a variety of utility types to choose from.

However, Metrix may not always have the exact utility type you require. rnrnTo create a meter for a utility type not provided by Metrix, first create the meter you will use in your project, by expanding the tree structure in the left sidebar from Project > Site > Area > Meter. Select this meter. Under the ‘Meter Setup’ tab, you may select your utility type. As an example, assume we wish to add a meter for the unavailable utility type compressed air. We will use ‘Wood’ as a placeholder for \'compressed air\'.

Next, create a new rate, by right clicking on the meter in the project tree structure, selecting ‘New’, and then selecting ‘Rate’. In the panel that opens, under ‘Conversion Factors’, we may enter information applicable to our custom utility type. For example, under wood, units of consumption will default to \'cords\'. We will change this to the unit we are using to measure compressed air, SCFM. If you are not concerned with how much energy goes into producing these units, you may enter 1.000 under BTU/Unit. Otherwise, you may enter the approximate conversion between BTU and your unit of measurement for compressed air.rnrnWe now have a meter created for a custom utility type not listed in Metrix, with a rate calculated based on a conversion between our unit of choice and BTUs.

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