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Q: I\'ve changed my facility heating from a gas to electric powered system. How should I adjust my gas and electric meters in Metrix to continue comparing Actual usage to Baseline?

A:  Great question!

You might assume it would be necessary to convert your original gas meter data into electric to accurately compare against the new, electric heating consumption, but that\'s not the case.

Instead, continue importing accurate meter data into your existing Metrix project. If this means zero monthly cost/usage for your gas meter following the system change, then import bills with zero cost/usage (this is key, as Metrix only reports on items in the bill register).

Now, instead of reporting by individual meter or utility type, report by total cost/consumption. Metrix will automatically convert your energy use across all meters into kBTUs, allowing for an accurate comparison of your Actual usage following the change, to your Baseline usage, had the change never occurred.

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