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Q: What are \'Base Year\' and \'Baseline\', as defined in Metrix, and what it the relationship between these?

A:  Base Year and Baseline are important concepts in Metrix, and worth clarifying:

In common parlance, \'baseline\' often refers to a starting or resting point, used for comparisons. In Metrix, this corresponds more closely to Base Year. When tuning a meter in a Metrix project, the Base Year is that which you select for your Tuning Period, to use as a reference point for future year\'s utility cost/consumption. If you wish to compare energy usage to that in year 2010, then you will select 2010 as your Base Year. In essence, this year becomes your baseline for cost/consumption, but what takes place behind the scenes is a bit more complicated than that, due to weather normalization. So how does Metrix compare against your Base Year?

Metrix takes utility and weather data for the Base Year year, and uses it to create a regression equation matching utility consumption to weather conditions. From this equation, future Baseline usage can be estimated per the weather conditions of those appropriate periods, to display what consumption would have been during your Base Year, had the weather of the year in comparison occurred instead. \'Baseline\' in Metrix is thus rather different from the term \'baseline\' in common parlance: it is a prediction of cost or usage, rather than an observed cost/usage.

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