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Q: Can I bill-match just OffPk kWh?

A:  Yes, you can bill-match just Off Peak, or any other Time of Use (TOU) period. Perhaps you tuned for On Peak kWh, but Off Peak kWh didn\'t trend with weather, and you wanted to bill-match this TOU period instead. Here\'s how:

1. In the meter tuning form, select the TOU period you wish to bill-match.
2. Click \'Set Fit to 0\', then \'Bill-Match\'.
3. Click on the Bill-matching modification that\'s just been created. For a full bill-match, ensure that the boxes for both \'Excluded\' and \'Included\' bills are checked.
4. In the \'Modification History\' tab, select manual for all of the tuning period bills. Replace all of the On Peak kWh column values with 0. Do the same for any other TOU period that will not be bill-matched. That will leave just the Off Peak kWh with numbers still in it.

The On Peak kWh is now weather normalized, and Off Peak is bill-matched.

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