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Option C » Cost Calculation
Q: How do the different cost calculation methods work?

A:  Cost calculation methods are selected under the Meter > Rates and Costs tab.

Single Utility Rate Schedule – Applies the entered rate and charges to the meter. This is the most common user setting when rate tariffs are available.

Avg. Cost/Consumption & Cost/Demand – If a rate has not been entered for this meter, Option C will calculate an average cost/consumption unit or cost/demand unit. The cost must have been entered in the appropriate time of use column of the bill register corresponding to its usage (Not to be confused with the Total Cost Column in the Bill Register.) This column is only available when the Detailed Cost Box is checked next the # of TOU Periods box, (in the Bill Register tab). If the ―\"Do not proportionally adjust Misc Costs when calculating Ave Cost/Energy and Ave Cost/Demand” box is checked, the Misc $ amount will be identical in the Simactual and Baseline. Otherwise, the Misc charges are prorated based on whether the energy consumption and demand costs increase or decrease. The same is true for the “Do not proportionally adjust Credit Costs when calculating Ave Cost/Energy and Ave Cost/Demand”.

Avg. Total Cost per Consumption – If a rate has not been entered for this meter, and the only cost available is the Total $ column, Option C will use the total cost/consumption or cost/demand. Taxes, Credits, and Miscellaneous Costs are all included in this calculation method, making it less precise. It is helpful as an estimate tool or when rate tariffs are not available.

Pricing Minimum Mode: One Minimum/Monthly Minimum – Over-rides any consumption unit pricing below the set limit. If One Minimum is selected, users may enter a minimum cost. If Monthly Minimum is selected, the Monthly Minimum Rates tab appears, and users may enter monthly minimum costs.

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