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Option C » Bill Register
Q: What does the bill cutoff date in the bill register do? How do you use it?

A:  The bill cutoff date in the bill register is used to assign bills to months. A bill ending on May 14th could be assigned to April, or to May. It depends upon how you want to do it.

You can find the bill cutoff date in the bottom left corner of the bill register. It reads:

Bill Cutoff Date for Reporting Purposes

E.g. a \"May\" bill\'s end date falls in the 1-month period starting on May 25

For some users, this language is somewhat confusing. I will try to explain how to use the bill cutoff for reporting section of the bill register:

1. Read the second part of the sentence first, and think about it for a second.... The one month period starting on May 25. OK, that would be the period from May 25 to June 24.

2. Read the first part of the sentence... \"A May\'s bill end month falls in the...\" So, if a bill falls in the period from May 25 to June 24, it is considered by Option C to be a May bill, and would show up in the May column in reports.

3. So a bill that is dated May 15 is an April bill according to this rule.

4. The most frequent problem encountered by users is they might choose a bill cutoff date in the center of the range of bill end dates. For example, if bills typically fall between the 14th and 18th of the month, then be sure to choose a bill cutoff date that occurs well outside of this range.

Some users are tempted to change bill dates in order to get the bills to fall into the appropriate columns in their reports. This is generally not a good practice. A better method would be to change the bill cutoff dates instead.

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