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Q: I've exceeded the 240 register row limit. How can I continue adding data to my project?

A:  There are two main options to work around this:

Option 1: Creating a New Project

The best option is to recreate your meter tunings manually in a new Metrix project, and then add the new data there:

1. Create a new Metrix project, and populate it with Sites, Areas, and Meters matching your original project.

2. Click the ‘Manual’ box on the new meter Tuning tabs, and enter the tuning coefficients from your original meters.

3. Load new utility and weather data into this project. The aim is for the new project to begin seamlessly where the original project cuts off.

4. (Alternatively, repeat one year of data in the new project, as a control to ensure that the baseline values match in each.)

If your meters have bill-matchings, a slightly different approach is required:

1. Copy bill and weather data from the first two years of your original bill-matched meter, and paste it into the new project, as year 1 and 2* bills and weather.

2. Use the same bill dates, but modify the year.

a. Ex 01/01/1995 becomes 01/01/2015

b. If the original data is in a leap year, the recreated data must also be put in a leap year.

c. Update the "1st day of First Bill" accordingly.

3. Bill-match the new meter. Because the bill dates and weather data match, the bill-match will match the original exactly.

4. Manually recreate the tuning, if applicable.

5. Baseline values for these two years should match the original project.

6. You may now add new data to the project. The original bill-matching and tuning will be applied.

*(Please note, the copied years will not be used for reporting. Year 1 is to recreating the bill-match. Year 2 is to confirm the offset values match.)

An advantage to this method is that both the original and new project could be loaded into ReportMaker simultaneously, and used together in reporting. (Be sure to select ‘All Projects/Sites/Areas/Meters’ during report creation.) If you repeated a year of data however, as noted above, this wouldn’t be appropriate.

Option 2: Deleting Data

Another approach is to remove data from your original project (after saving a backup copy):

1. Click the ‘Closed’ box on the Tuning tabs of your existing meters, to lock your tunings. Bill and weather data may now be deleted without affecting your tunings.

2. Delete data from the beginnings of your bill and weather registers, including base year data.

a. Do not delete data from the middle of the registers, as Metrix cannot accommodate data gaps.

b. Be sure to update the ‘1st Day of First Bill’ field in the Register tabs.

3. New data can now be added to the project.

If your meters are bill-matched, follow the bill-matching instructions from Option 1 above to copy Year 1 and 2 utility and weather data to a future year within the same project, then delete the preceding data and re-bill-match the meter. (All the same notes apply.)

This method involves less setup, but does result in deleted data, and may be less convenient for reporting.

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