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Q: Why is my baseline overstated after skipped bills (in the bill register)?


Suppose that during the performance period you have a bill for, say 3/1/97, and the next row in the bill register has a bill for 9/1/97.

Metrix can only assume that the period the 9/1/97 bill covers is from 3/2/97 through 9/1/97 (about 184 days). As a result, Metrix will take into account that entire period when calculating the baseline:

kWh_baseline = constant * #days + coefficient * #CDD

where the constant and coefficient came from the regression equation you produced when tuning. For simplicity, suppose there were 2 degree days per day for this period.

If you add in the variables, you get:

kWh_baseline = constant * 184 days + coefficient * 368 CDD

This explains why you get huge baseline numbers after skipped bills.

The solution is to enter into the bill register a dummy bill representing the last billing period before your real entries into the bill register resume. For example, if you knew that the 9/1/97 bill was 31 days, then you could enter a dummy bill for 8/1/97. You should enter \"-0\" (no quotes, just a negative 0) into the usage and demand (i.e. all physical unit columns). The \"-0\" tells Metrix that you have no bills for the period 3/1/97 to 8/1/97.

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