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Q: How does the currency conversion factor work?


Windows attaches an attribute to all files indicating from what country they originated. You can tell Windows what country attribute you want to attach to your files (i.e., what country you are in).

Metrix reads that attribute and brings up the currency exchange dialog box when a file with one country's attribute is opened on a computer with a setting in another country. If someone sends me a file from Afghanistan, I will get a currency conversion dialog box (because my REGIONAL SETTING in Windows is not Afghanistan, and hers probably is). If I send a file to Afghanistan, the user on that end will see a currency conversion dialog box (because my REGIONAL SETTING in Widows is not Afghanistan and hers probably is).

If you started your files with US chosen as your REGIONAL SETTING, and then changed the regional setting to Canada, then:

  1. if you entered your dollar amounts in Canadian dollars, then leave the exchange rate at 1 to 1. And what you entered will show up on the screen and in printed reports.
  2. if you entered your dollar amounts in US dollars (converted Canadian to US), then if you want to see your data in Canadian dollars (on screen and in reports), then enter the conversion rate.

The currency conversion rate will only change the dollar values if you give it a conversion factor that is not 1.

Files will change, of course, only when you open them.

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