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MarketManager » Modeling HVAC Systems
Q: To model a hydronic system, do I still have to put a CFM in the zone supply air form?


The zonal supply air field in the Zone | Sply Air Sub-Data Form is used to size the heating coils and cooling coils for each zone—or in the case of a hydronic system, the zonal supply air field is used to size the radiators in each zone.



If you are modeling a hydronic system, it may seem intuitive to put a zero in the zonal supply air field. However, don't do it. Your radiators would then be sized at 0 and the model would show zero heating for the zone. You are best off letting MarketManager autosize the zonal supply air field.

You don't have to include a fan. If you do include a bogus fan, make sure that the fan kW is set to 0, so you don’t account for energy you are not really using.

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