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Q: There is not enough room for all the digits in the kWh column, what do I do?


You should enter the data in MWH instead. To do so:

  1. Add a rate to the electric meter(s) in question (even if you are not planning on using rates). If there is already a rate there, then skip this step.

  2. Open the rate.

  3. Near the top of the rate form you will see 3413 Btu / kWh. Change this to 3413000 Btu / MWh. For demand (which is the following row), change the fields to 3413000 Btuh / MW.

  4. Now go back to your bill register. You will notice that the column headings are now in MWh.

  5. Enter the bills in MWh.

  6. Note: If you have more than one electric meter in this project, by changing this rate, you will be changing the conversion factors for all electric meters in the project. In other words, all electric meters will now report data in MWh, not kWh. If you had already entered data in kWh, the data will be correctly converted to MWh.

    If you want to know more about conversion factors, read the FAQs on conversion factors on our website.

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