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Q: Does start and end date for measures work?


Yes. When you enter a measure, you are doing so so that you can get target results. If you don't enter a measure, then your target is the same as baseline. Target = Baseline - Measures.

Measures affect the Target Scenario only. A measure is the prediction of what your savings will be (either in terms of % or absolute numbers).

The starting date for your measure should be the starting date (or starting month) for the performance period. If you look at the gulfmed project, you will see the HVAC and chillers modification starts on 9/1/94, and if you look at the target inspection graph (double click the electric meter in the measures view), and change the top left fields to "5 inputs from 23", you will see 5 bills. The first bill corresponds to 6/18/94 to 7/14/94. On the third bill, which corresponds to September 94, you will see the target line break away from the baseline line. This is where the measure begins to take effect.

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