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Q: How do I deal with gaps in bills, and how does this affect modifications?


If you have a gap in the bills you entered in the bill register, i.e., you have tuning period bills, then a gap, and then installation/performance period bills, it is best to include a row in your billing register to signify to Metrix that there is indeed a gap in bills, and that you don't want this period to be considered in any analysis. To do this, add a row that is dated one billing period prior to the first bill after the gap with a -99 in the usage and dollar amounts. For example, if the first bill after a gap in bills has a bill date of 6/5/96, and if you know that the prior bill was 5/9/96, then enter a dummy bill for 5/9/96 with -99 in the columns for energy units and demand (as shown below).

If you do this, Metrix will not consider the period from the last bill in the period before the gap to the dummy bill in any analysis, and will not put data for this period in the reports.

A related problem people run into is that they have 12 bills for the tuning period (then a gap and so on), and they try to make modifications (such as bill matching) and get really strange numbers (often negative) for the modification amounts that are replicated in following years.

When a modification replicates, it requires 365 days worth of data as the base period to work from. It will then prorate the modification to the next years billing periods in order apply the modification to next year.

However if the tuning period is less than 365 days, then you will get strange results for your replicated modifications.

The solution is add another bill to the start of your tuning period (you don't have to include it in your tuning or change your tuning). This added bill hopefully will add enough days to the period before the gap in bills so that there will be more than 365 days. Now, your modifications that are replicated will make sense.

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