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Q: Why did data disappear from Factor History?


First some theory:

In the factor history form (for both measures and modifications), in the bottom left corner, there is a field for the number of rows to replicate. Metrix can only replicate 365 days worth of data. So for the row number you enter and the corresponding date (to the right of the row number), 365 days worth of energy usage (from the corresponding date back in time) will be replicated in further months.

If you don't want Metrix to replicate your measures (or modifications) then enter 254 which represents all possible rows. (Any high number could have the same effect, depending upon how long your project lasts, and how many bills you enter--but stick with 254.)

You asked why your data disappeared in the measures form. I am guessing that the following happened:

You entered in the data into the appropriate months (perhaps for 1996-7 which might have been in rows 15 to 27), and then switched the number of rows in the bottom left corner of the factor history form, from 254 to 13. Then all the data after the 13th row was eliminated as it now is replicated from the (replaced with equivalent) data in the first 13 rows.

OK, so this is what we recommend:

  1. First, apply measures (and modifications) by month, not by billing periods. I just think it is easier to conceptualize for the customer.

  2. Then once you change the time periods (in the factor history form) to monthly, you can close that form, and change the effective dates, so that they cover the dates for which you want this modification or measure--when did the modification or measure begin to be operative? and how long will it last? By changing this date, the first modification or measure bill date will change as a result. By selecting a start date of 1/1/96, the first entry in factor history will be 1/31/96 (assuming you chose monthly time periods) (Note: If you choose "billing periods" for time period in the factor history form, then Metrix automatically selects effective dates for you, and you cannot change them.)

  3. Now go back into your factor history form, and change the row number in the bottom left corner until it's accompanying date (to the right of the row number) is the last month of the first 12 months of measures or modifications. (Assuming you chose monthly time periods, 12 should be the number.)

  4. Enter your data.

Also, you can have several different effective dates for various measures or modifications. Just follow this procedure, or something like it, and chose different effective dates for each.

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