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Q: Metrix has charge types for consumption, demand and RkVAh, but not kVA. How do you model kVA demand?


There are two ways to deal with kVA demand. The method you use depends upon the what type of data you get from the utility.

If you get kVA demand data from the utility, then:

  1. In the Rate Data Form, you need to change only the consumption unit to kVA.
  2. Now the bill register will list demand in kVA. Enter or import demand data in kVA in the bill register.
  3. When you make rates for kVA, use the same demand charges form, and list the rates as $/kVA. You will notice the form knows that the demand units are in kVA.

If you get kW data only from the utility, then:

If you choose fuel type "Electricity" (not "3-Phase Electricity"), then when Metrix calculates power factor adjustments, it uses the standard equation:

where kWB and the kWM are billed and metered kWs respectively. The PFThreshold is the threshold below which the customer is penalized, and the PFActual is the customer’s actual power factor.

If the PFThreshold is set at 100, the equation above becomes:

So, to model kVA you will have to:

  1. set PFThreshold to 100.
  2. The bill register will still show kW. You will enter bill data in kW.
  3. The rates will show kW, but the rate you enter should be per kVA.

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