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Q: Many performance contracts stipulate that savings will be calculated at current energy rates unless they fall below base period rates, in which case base period rates are used. How can you configure Metrix to do this?


I will assume that you are modeling rates (rather than using blended rates). If so, read on...

Usually, for all months, one of the two rates (the base period rate or the current rate) is always greater than the other. In this case, model that rate in the rates view. If the base period rate is the greater of the two, and it was later reduced by the utility (thus giving us the current rate), when you model the base period rate, be sure that the effective end date of the rate extends into the current period (even though in reality the base period rate is no longer used).

If you are one of those rare users who find that for some months the base period rate is greater than the current rate, and for the other months, vice versa, then you are left with a much less elegant solution. Model both of the rates. For a given meter, you will then append both rates, perhaps several times, with the appropriate start and end dates. For example, if during May - October, Rate1 was the greater rate, and for other months, Rate2 was the greater rate, then your Rates View might look like this:


Rate1 Old Rate (5/1/98 - 10/31/98)


Rate2 New Rate (11/1/98 - 4/30/99)



Rate3 Old Rate (5/1/99 - 10/31/99)


Rate4 New Rate (11/1/99 - 4/30/00)




I put the effective dates in parenthesis. Make sure that you enter the effective dates in the Rate data form. Also, I put the charges in the listing above, just so it would look more like your Rates View.

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