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Q: Why does my boiler hot water reset show such small savings?


When MarketManager models hot water, it looks at the heating load, then, using boiler inputs, it determines fuel usage. The pumping strategies (cycling, constant) and hot water temperature have nothing to do with boiler fuel usage--yet. Depending upon hot water temperature setpoint, the boiler will either run more, heating water to a lower temperature, or run less, heating water to a higher temperature, but if there are no jacket losses the energy usage should be the same for both cases.

Boiler jacket losses (which by default are 5%) are a percentage of boiler energy usage, not hot water temperature (so they shouldn't be affected by your hot water reset).

The hot water temperature affects energy calculations when you consider pipe losses, as they are a function of hot water temperature.

What you should do is add hot water Pipes to the Plant. You should add one as well to represent the boiler. This should take care of the energy saved due to hot water reset.

If you have cycling hot water pumps, the temperature of the hot water does not affect the on time of the hot water pumps--although it does in reality. Hotter water would lead to reduced pump run time. Hot water reset would lead to increased pump run time.

We would like MarketManager to have a smarter pumping algorithm that would take care of these situations. The suggestion is now on the to do list.

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